Your Mountain Escape
Your Mountain Escape
Our Home, Your Mountain Escape!
Our Home, Your Mountain Escape!



Free guided excursion, every Tuesday!

Sounds of DOLOMITES!

Sounds of the Dolomites (I Suoni delle Dolomiti) is a unique high altitude music festival which brings musicians from across the world to the most beautiful mountains of the Alps. The idea is simple and at the same time fascinating: to combine the passion for music and the mountains, art and the environment, in a concert programme celebrating freedom and nature. Participants set off from the valley floor and head for clearings and hollows near the mountain refuges, natural theatres in which the music is performed in complete harmony with the surroundings. The festival features internationally renowned artists who, instruments on their shoulders, display their shared regard for the environment by joining the public in walking to the concert venues, on what is both an art and a nature trail. It’s the outcome of the cooperation between Trentino Marketing and the Val di Fassa Tourist Board.

Sport Check Point

In collaboration with Fassa Outdoor Sports, we offer a wide range of activities to do in our beautiful Val di Fassa: from walk to discover the culture Fažana the most exciting sports like paragliding in tandem. In winter, accompanied ski, snowshoe, ride free.


The Pillowe are complements of Made in Italy design, give the space around them that refinement of Italian craftsmanship, a safe value added to the charm and poetry that conveys in itself ' the object. We are proud that they have chosen the Villa as a place to holiday. Pillowe is a complement of design and craftsmanship in the work materials stolen from the rendonno fashion fashion and cool and that's why his debut in the heart of the fashion jet set in Italy: Milan. Pillowe is born by the artistic of a teacher in a school known moda.Come all fairy tales and fables, back stage , is a workshop illuminated by the dim light of a candle. The Master with advanced fabric after the last coat of packed committee decided to create its soft Pillowe aide. A magical helper, tireless, in fact it is known cushions never sleep, and during the night armed with a needle and scissors cuts and sews favoring the imagination and inventiveness of the master. From then on it was a rumor every designer wants one at his side, each musician to "weave sweet melodies," every visionary, every adventurer, anyone who wants his dreams come true.

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